10 Reasons Why To Start Your Own Business

Have you considered owning your own business and think it is scary and intimidating. Well, owning a business can be intimidating, risky and scary, but owning a business has many benefits. Here are 10 reasons why you should start your own business today.

1. Be your own boss

At one time or another you may have experienced a layoff, or you know someone who has been laid off. Being self-employed will ensure that you never hear those dreadful words that your company is downsizing and eliminating your position

2. Reduce or cut the price of gas

Gas prices are extremely high, so owning a business that is close to your home or in your home could save you money. With technological devices such as smart phone and laptops, many transactions can be done electronically.

3. Tax advantages

Business ownership has tax advantages. Business owners can write off the cost of gasoline, phone service and computers as long as they are part of doing business.

4. Flexibility

Being an entrepreneur allows you the opportunity to set your own hours. You do not have someone else dictating the hours you worked daily.

5. Realizing your dreams

Perhaps, you always wanted to do a special type of work, but you were unable to do so because you had to work a 9 to 5 position. Now, you can realize your dream and the sense of accomplishment that comes with owning your own business.

6. Unleashed your creativity

Consider turning your hobby into a business. Many people turn their hobby into a business.

7. Legacy to your heir.

Creating a business gives you the peace of mind knowing that you are passing on an asset to your family, and it is something they can have when you are no longer around.

8. Sense of Accomplishment

Working for yourself unlike working for someone else will give you a sense of pride knowing that you are building something of your own, and that you have the skills and leadership it takes to succeed.

9. Role Model for Your Community

Have people in your neighborhood look up to you as a role model, and have kids aspire to emulate you in the future is another benefit of owning a business.

10. Launch a side business.

Many people keep their regular 9 to 5 job and start a side business. This helps you hold on to your financial safety net until the business gets more stable.